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At the Alderton Infant School we aim to provide children with high quality education that is relevant in our rapidly changing world.  We want to encourage our children to work creatively in a cross curricular manner. We believe that high-quality DT lessons will inspire children to think independently, innovatively and develop creative, procedural and technical understanding. Our DT curriculum provides children with opportunities to research, represent their ideas, explore and investigate, develop their ideas, make a product and evaluate their work showcasing and progressing their skills throughout their schooling.



At The Alderton Infant School we teach Design and Technology through a skills based curriculum using the National Curriculum and the Early Years Framework. The skills are developed and built upon each year so that progression can be seen clearly across our school. During each lesson, progress will be assessed in a range of ways. The children will be aware of the skills they are developing through discussion of the learning objective and will be reminded to look back on and improve on their previous learning. Through self and, at times, peer evaluation the children will discuss what they have achieved and what they will need to continue to practise and develop in order to continue to improve their skill set. Teachers will also discuss the learning with the children. We believe it is extremely important that our children feel empowered and able to “make mistakes”, this is how we grow and develop.



By the end of their time with us we want children to have a skill set to know, remember and understand more about Design Technology, demonstrating this knowledge when using tools or skills in other areas of the curriculum and in opportunities out of school too.


By providing a range of contexts and progressive skill sets, we endeavour to support pupils in their future educational journey and in the understanding of the ever-developing world around them. The skills and attributes they develop will benefit them beyond school and into adulthood developing independent, resilient individuals who in turn can make a difference to our world.

Design Technology Policy

Art and DT at The Alderton Infant School

I Love DT because I get to create something like a submarine. We use our sketchbooks to make a design of what we are going to create beforehand and then we can look back and see how far we have come! (Max Yr 2)