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Alderton Infants Eco Code           


Always look after the school environment, our community and the planet.

Let’s promise to follow our eco code always.

Do share our eco code with friends and family.

Everyone can make a difference to help the planet!

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! 

Try to use the car less and walk, scoot or bike to school.

Open the lid, put the rubbish in the bin. Don’t litter! 

Never waste water!


Energy should be saved! Turn off lights and don’t leave things on standby.

Care and respect wildlife, always!

Out with the pesticides! They kill insects and harm humans, let’s ban them!


Stop wasting food! 

Compost fruit and vegetable waste.

Help the planet by encouraging insects with flowers and habitats 

Our gardening club will grow and sow!

Only take and use what you really need (like paper)                        

Let’s ban single use plastic!!                                       

Eco School Presentation 2023-2024