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Emergencies and Remote Learning

In Case of an Emergency.

In the event of an emergency, the school will undertake either an evacuation or a lock down procedure, depending on which type of emergency occurs.


The school has a Business Continuity (Emergency) Plan in place and regular drills and practices are undertaken to ensure staff and pupils are aware of the procedures and can act accordingly.


If any such emergency procedure should occur, the staff will ensure the children’s safety in the first instance and will then undertake their designated roles.


Should it be necessary to contact you, we will notify you by telephone, text message or email, as soon as it is possible to do so. (Key staff will have mobile phones on their person and all the children’s contact details).


Please be aware that the schools phone lines and internet connections may be down during an emergency, so the school may not be contactable.


In the event of a lengthy school closure, we will follow our Emergency Remote Learning Policy, until arrangements can be made to return to school.