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Who's Who!Position Held
Debra HughesChair (Trust) of Governors 
Susie WorthingtonVice Chair (Trust) of Governors - Safeguarding
Veronica SantaTrust Governor
Daniel RobothamParent Governor
Sarah-Jane Parrish Staff Governor
Tara BristowHeadteacher
Fiona JonesTrust Governor
Oghenevese AghoghovbiaTrust Governor
Glenn FeldmanTrust Governor
Shelley CrossParent Governor

The Local Governing Body is made up of volunteers who represent the School’s parents and staff, Essex County Council and the local community. They support and challenge the Head Teacher to fulfil the aims of the school.


Our vision is that everyone in our community has a safe, happy adventure so that:


The whole community, children, staff, parents, carers and governors - inclusive of all! Take everyone on the journey, work in partnership and celebrate achievements.


We offer enriching experiences to develop confidence, resilience and open doors.

We provide a welcoming and nurturing environment founded on strong relationships. We can start building firm foundations to create adaptable learners in innovative ways.


Ready to continue a life-long learning adventure, full of aspiration. Equipped with the understanding, skills and knowledge of how to be their own champion. 



The strategic functions of our Governing Board are:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Monitor and evaluate the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  • Oversee the financial performance of the school - making sure money is well spent

Local Governing Boards are corporate bodies and individual governors have no power or right to make decisions unless governors have delegated a specific function to them. They work within an agreed Code of Conduct, respecting and maintaining the confidentiality of those items of business which the governing body deems to be confidential. The Chair does have the power to take action if the matter is urgent. ‘Urgent’ is defined in the Guide to the Law for Governors as where a delay is likely to be seriously detrimental and it would not be reasonably practicable to hold a governors' meeting to resolve the issue. Every Governing Board must have a Vice Chair who has the same role and powers if the Chair is unavailable.


If you have any queries, concerns or positive experiences you would like to share with Governors please contact the Chair in writing via the School Office. If you are interested in becoming a Governor please ask the Head or Chair for information.

Register of Business Interest 2023-24

The Alderton Infant School Governance Statement 2022-23